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" Helping broken hearts heal, giving God the glory"

In-ground Burial


As the most traditional burial choice, in-ground burial typically involves a casket and is marked by a memorial tribute. Below ground burials are usually preceded by a funeral service as well.

Marker Installation


Permanent memorialization is important regardless of the individual circumstances. It doesn’t matter whether the body is buried or cremated: either way, people need a place to come and remember. 

Scattering Garden


Scatter gardens are designated places where the family and friends of the deceased can scatter the cremains of their loved one. They’re picturesque and peaceful areas tended to by a cemetery.

Above Ground


A public mausoleum (sometimes referred to as a community mausoleum) is anabove ground building memorializing multiple individuals. Mausoleums provide you with a secure enclosure that will remain clean and completely dry.



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